How to Prepare for a Fitness Photoshoot: FAQs, Quick Tips & Costuming


Q. I’ve never had a professional photoshoot before, so im Nervous.
A. Most of our “models” have never been professionally shot before. So don’t worry, we expect this. We are experienced enough to guide you to find your best in front of the camera and flaunt the best of your hard work – psychologically and physically. Be yourself, bring your best condition to the shoot and leave the rest to our magic and expertise.

Q. Can I get some help with clothes and costuming?
A. We will plan the costuming well in advance of the shoot. There are  a few things that always work and you will be provided a list of it. But apart from that, feel free to get creative and if possible discuss prior to the shoot. Some of the best shots have come out of improvisation with existing costumes – so there’s always a scope to mix and match.

Q. Do I have to get a professional hairstylist/MUA?
A. No, but Pushkaraj recommends it. Why? Think about it this way – your commercially edited pics will look fab with or without make up coz they are retouched. BUT if you have professional MUAH, all the raw pics even will look fantabulous and can be used by you without any fancy retouching! Isn’t that worth it?

Q. Can I get a discount?
A. No. But you can Bribe Pushkaraj with chocolate for some extra time/edits.


The week leading up to the shoot is crucial. Here are a few things to make a note of:
1. To avoid skin problems and last-minute rashes, shave/wax a few days ahead of time.
2. Please don’t tan unless you’ve been specifically requested.
3. Kindly get plenty of rest. You don’t want to look tired on shoot day.
4. During the week leading up to the shoot, no alcohol or recreational drugs are allowed. Don’t expect every photo to be altered to make you appear good if you have a bloated face or a hangover.  There will be no refunds for cancellations.
5. To avoid water bloating, do not plan your shot within 5 days of your period if you are a woman.
6. Prepare your wardrobe ahead of time. Discuss with your photographer on whatsapp with photos if needed.
7. Prior to the shoot, make sure your wardrobe is in order.
8. If you have hired a make up and hair artist, please double-check with them about the looks and location and time. Verify the address and directions.
9. Try and get a mani-pedi a day or two prior to the shoot.
10. If your shoot is after your completion, please control and don’t eat like a hippo and bloat just before the shoot. It will be worth it.


Lace is Sensuality in fabric form.
Simple string bikinis with no prints.  
One piece swim wear.
Belts. Body suits, Heels. Bloody dope heels.
See through fabrics and nets.
Necklaces & Bracelets.
Short AF shorts, Hot pants.
Loose T-shirts that you don’t mind being torn.

Fancy Lingerie
Sheer Lace
Accessories and jewellery
Button up Men’s shirts – ideally white linen
Headgear and masks
Transparent saree / shirt
Pop Accents (discuss with photographer prior to shoot)

Discuss with the Photographer in advance as to what’s the shoot aesthetic you are looking for and then plan accordingly. Ensure that you’re on the same page to enable a smooth shoot and experience that you absolutely cherish for life.

Sports Bra / good underwear
Workout shorts
Sports Shoes
Hair tie / Headgear
Pastels/Bright Colours
Minimal accessories
Denims or 3/4ths and Track pants
Headphones, wraps, straps, bands, gloves, kettlebells and relevant props.

Sports Bras and good underwear
Hot pants
Fancy Sneakers or Shoes
Torn up shirts
Face Color
Baby oil
Hair tie and face scarf/balaclava
Dark colours
No print fabrics
Props like rope, cloth shreds, lifting chalk, chains and a lot of attitude help a lot.

One piece swim suit
Accessories – Bracelets/Necklaces/Junk Jewellery
High waisted shorts
Head pieces- Bandanas/Hats/etc
Sheer, Lace, Jeans, Belts
Body Suits
String Bikini and loose shirt/tee for back up
Tank tops / Stringers
Sweat pants
Denims / Hotpants
Shredded clothes
¾ ths

Body shorts
Sports bras
Good Underwear
Hand wraps / Gloves / MMA gloves
Flat colour clothes with no prints
Hair tie
Gym bag

Make sure you have a call / meet up with the photographer prior to the shoot to ensure that you are both on the same page and teh shoot is as smooth and perfect as can be.

To book a fitness/boudoir shoot with Pushkaraj Shirke,

How to Prepare for a Fitness Photoshoot

If you have worked on building a fabulous body, it’s only fair that you capture those results for all time. And what better way to flaunt it than to capture it with a photoshoot that does justice to your efforts.
Fitness Photography is an art – unlike typical fashion photography, it delves deep into capturing nuances of the physique while making it look as glamorous or hardcore as you choose.

Pushkaraj Shirke pioneered commercial fitness photography in India and has shot commercials, fitness folios, ads and magazine covers across 10 years now. He has worked with professional fitness models as well as regular individuals who just want to commemorate their fitness journey. Here are a few tips from him, to make sure you get the best out of your fitness shoot:

Consult & Book a Shoot Date

This is step number 1. Call your photographer and discuss what you want and what would be most suited for you. Use their experience to your advantage. Book a shoot date so that you are committed to being in the best shape possible by that time. unlike fashion shoots, fitness shoots require a certain amount of physical prep time to get into condition. Your nutritionist/coach/trainer will be able to tell you how much time you might need to get into perfect shoot shape. If not, a good fitness photographer who is also qualified as a nutritionist/coach is easily able to guage the timeline. If you’re a competing athlete, you know it well yourself.
PS: If you are a woman, avoid choosing a date +5 & -5 of your menstural cycle date as you will be retaining water and look puffy on camera.
Matter in point is, LOCK A WELL PLANNED DATE and make the advance payment to make sure you stay committed to the goal and don’t waver off.

Reference & Mood Board

Build a mood board of images you like and want to look like. Pro Hack: Scour through the internet to find models that have a similar built to you and images of them that you like. Look and feel, make up and hair and costuming that works for them, will usually work for you.
Once you have the base idea, you can always improvise from there.
A mood board will also help you have a better understanding of what to expect from the shoot – and also to cross check if your budget is in line with your expectations.
You can also pick images from your chosen photographers showreel itself – since you’re paying for an artist you love, you might as well make the most of it by choosing they style they are best at.

Pick Costumes and Props

Plan your wardrobe in advance. Ideally, pick costumes and props from your mood board or closest to it. For fitness shoots, there are a few things that always work – leggings, shorts, ripped tees, bulky earphones, gloves(mma, gym, boxing), resistance bands, tracks, cut up shorts, cut up denims, tank tops, sports bras, capris, heels/converse/sneakers and lifting chalk.
As a basic rule – dark colors look good for artistic shots, bright, psstel colors look good for commercial shots.

Choose Make up and Hair Artist

Most fitness shoots can do well with just baby oil, hair gel and lifting chalk, but you can also up the ante. A good make and hair artist can make a huge difference to how you look – especially in the unretouched images (which are a lot). So it adds a huge bang to your buck. Especially for women, getting the hair done is a professional effort and its highly recommended that you in vest in a MUA&H artist.

Final Shoot Prep

In the week leading up to your shoot:
Plan your water cut if needed.
Avoid injurious loads in training.
Don’t workout the day prior to the shoot.
Tan/wax 2 days in advance atleast – you dont want blotchy skin on shoot day.
Day prior to the shoot and on shoot day, avoid tight clothing that will leave marks on your skin.
Do your beauty routines daily – especially at night, Clease, tone, mositurize.
Cut your nails and manicure and pedicure them.
Get enough sleep.
Dont drink or party 2 days prior to shoot.
Don’t eat like a junkie.
Avoid puffiness and water retention. Use a diuretic only in emergencies.

On Shoot Day

Get to the shoot on time.
Keep your bag well packed in advance to avoid last minute stress.
Stress can induce water retention, so be careful.
Get comfy on set and with the photographer – have a casual discussion, relax, de stress.

Once the lights go on, and the trial shots are done, you will automatically be comfortable with a good photographer, even if you’re not a professional model. It’s a huge part of a photographers job to direct you, so dont stress about it. Leave that job to the professional.

Midshoot, its ok to ask to review your images to see where you’re heading and what’s working for you. But dont do it so often that you waste more time on reviewing than shooting. Optimize the shoot time and trust your photographers judgement enough to make you look your best.

Post Shoot

Review the images and choose your favourites for processing.
Don’t nag the photographer to hurry up your images – or you will get a half baked job. It’s an art, it takes time. Decide a deadline and stick by it.
Feel free to share BTS shots, images with credit and a candid testimonialon your social media/circles. Credit the photographer whenever you can with the images. It makes a huge difference.
Everybody loves genuine appreciation and credit, especially artists.
It makes them want to work with you more often and will often reciprocate your goodwill with some of their own – by referring you for a commercial shoot, sponsorship or by giving you some extra edits maybe.

Remember, at the end of the day, every project is based on human interactions. Be good, do good, get good.

That’s all folks.

Hope this was Helpful to you. Looking forward to your Fitness Shoot images soon.