Don’t Say It. Show It.

As an Ex-Agency Creative Head & Writer turned Film Producer-Director and Photographer, Pushkaraj Shirke combined his strengths to create a unique Boutique Creative Agency that delivers quality advertising and branding content and strategy from the roots, all the way to the top.

Pushkaraj Shirke personally designs the branding and communication strategy, in tandem with the owners/drivers of the brand for the brands we undertake. The objective, is not to do something different for different’s sake, the objective is to align what the client see’s as great results with the most optimum path of communication design it takes to get there.

Credibilty, is respect. That apart, it is also one of the key drivers in search engine design today. Which is why our in-house visual communication team is paired up with writers who know their client’s field – to enable the creation of content that is genuine and credible, every step of the way.

Representing and working with a one of a kind unison of social media marketers, influencers, artists and 5 highly capable production houses with diverse strengths – ranging from real time shoots to animation, from avs to brand films to commercials and feature films, we literally make brand magic happen – especially in the digital and start-up space.

BATTLEFIT X PSF: Marketing Real Fitness & Sport
The fact is that real fitness and sport is majorly overlooked in India.
But the potential, is massive. Which is why PSF collaborates with Project Battlefit to help upcoming sports, athletes and brands network and create content that takes genuine knowledge and true sports to the masses. From marketing gyms and coaches, to filming sporting events and developing content and social media marketing, we do it all in a way that makes it affordable and profitable to all teams involved.

So whenever you feel that your brand is ready to take the next step in its evolution, or if you feel that there is something we can create together that will make people go “wow!”, feel free to drop in a Hello.

Let’s make great things happen.

Team PSF

“the impossible, is an illusion”.

Pushkaraj Shirke
Founder & Director, PSF